Work Permit Application Instructions

Please complete a Work Permit Application (PDF) or Work Permit Application (Word).  The Work Permit Application must be completed first before a permit is issued.  You must have an offer of employment in order to be issued a work permit.  If you are just looking for a job, you need to wait until you’ve been offered a job.

Student completes Section 1, Parent completes Section 2, and the Employer completes Section 3.  All sections must be completed in their entirety, with signatures, in order for the application to be accepted for processing.  Completed work permit applications should be emailed to for screening/review.  The application will then be shared with the counselor for final approval.  Upon approval, the actual work permit is issued.  You will be notified via your school email account when the work permit is ready for pick up at the Alternative Education Moss Street office.

While school is in session, 4 hours per day is the maximum number of work hours. Refer to page 2 of the Work Permit Application to see how many hours you can work based on your age.  Employment laws do not allow for students under the age of 18 to work 8 hours per day during school sessions (except those who have a high school diploma or high school competency certificate).

Frequently Asked Questions: Work Permits