Important Information about Independent Study

  • All SUHSD IS programs are voluntary programs. Students may opt at any time to return to their home school.
  • Students with IEPs may enroll in IS programs if the IEP goals and services are determined by the IEP team to be achievable in IS.
  • IS programs require a high level of commitment on the part of students and parents to a home study program equal to 4-5 hours daily of classwork at home.
  • IS programs do not offer lab, language, and some elective courses required for graduation. These courses must be completed and passed through enrollment in adult education, ROP or comprehensive high school programs.
  • Students enrolled in IS programs must complete work within the agreed upon timeframe in order to maintain good standing with attendance. Students who do not complete work within the agreed upon time frame are considered “truant” and will be notified in writing. Students who receive 3 notices of non-performance may be exited from the Independent Study program.
  • Students can earn a credit in 3-4 weeks depending on the complexity of the course and student commitment to completing work in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Students are required to meet with their assigned teacher once weekly. Students may contact teachers at any time during the week for assistance via telephone or e-mail.
  • Students enrolled in IS programs must still meet all graduation requirements including 30 hours of community service in order to be eligible for a high school diploma.
  • Students enrolled in IS programs are located in either a school based program or a satellite (off campus) program.