Independent Study

Independent Study:

Independent Study is voluntary and adequate progress needs to be made in order to remain in the program. Students must be able to do the work at home (20-30 hours of homework a week) and maintain their once per week meetings with a teacher. Most students work on one course/class at a time, and they’re required to complete a course/class in three weeks. Attendance is based on the amount of work produced; therefore, students must complete a minimum amount of work to remain in Independent Study. Students must have self-initiative, good work habits, and good reading skills to succeed. Students will be returned to the home school or the referring school if the required progress is not met. Independent Study students must pass all competencies as any other student. Students earning a high school diploma while on Independent Study will retain all rights at the resident school and a regular high school diploma issued by the resident school. Students may apply to Independent Study through a team decision process initiated on the main campus involving administration, counseling, parent(s) and the student.

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